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How to practice a foreign language in a simple way?

The social network for finding language exchange counterpart anywhere in the world.

Swapasap allows you to improve your level in foreign languages by practicing with members from countries around the world, either online thanks to the amazing tools available on the website, or through travel thanks to free hosting between counterparts.

How does it work?

Swapasap language exchanges are simple and free. They can take place in three different fronts thanks to the online tools made for successful exchanges:


  • Choose your counter-part
    Based on your own criteria (language, age, gender, location, etc.) simply choose your foreign counter-part with whom you will exchange in your language of interest. Feel free to exchange with as many people as you want.
  • Get to know each other
    You can make friends with people from the whole world. One-to-one or in group, in the language of your choice, Swapasap will enlarge your international network of friends.
  • Read and write in the language of your choice
    Through the Swapasap website, and thanks to the native speakers of the language you chose, you will be able to read and write about topics that are interesting to you, in a social and fun way.
         Video Chat

  • Work on your comprehension and pronunciation
    Thanks to video chatting, speak and listen to your language of choice. Get help on your accent and develop a vocabulary in various domains, on subjects you enjoy to talk about.
  • Introduce your family and life style
    With a possible language exchange trip in mind, you can use the video chat to take a tour around your counter-part's home, check out the room in which you would sleep, get to know each other's families and start to prepare your trip.


  • Live an unforgettable experience
    Once all details have been covered (date and time of arrival, pick up point, potential allergies, etc.) it's time to experience a real cultural immersion! There's nothing better than practicing a language in the actual country. Even more importantly, being hosted for free by a family on the principle of mutual hospitality and generosity.

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P.S. For optimal use of our website, use the Google Chrome browser. Click here to download it if you don't already have it. If you have any questions/suggestions, please write to us. Copyright © 2014 Swapasap, all rights protected. Contact Us

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